The beginning...

The beginning was since 1999, then in the year 2004, New partnership was established to import home and office furniture, With Branches Located in the Mansoura, Qarqarash and Al-Hashan. It was also distinguished by the import of office and home furniture with excellent specifications and with a carefully selected taste. Excellent quality with a wide variety of choices in terms of designs and prices, and it was unique from the beginning in importing international brands from countries known for excellence in this industry, such as Italy, Malaysia, Turkey, China and others.

-In the year 2010, we tended to develop and amend the articles of association of the company to become under its current name Al-Motajaded Company for the import of home and office furniture, and it includes each of the following brands-:

•Office Furniture to provide office furniture with international quality and a bouquet of designs that include all tastes and uses, from the world's strongest suppliers in Malaysia, China, Turkey and Italy.

•Al-Motajaded Home Furniture to provide high-quality home furnishings with selected designs and international standards

•Al-MOATHETH Home Furniture provides high-quality furniture in a wide variety of prices.

•TEPE Home Libya 2017, an upscale Turkish brand

Currently, the company has more than nine branches spread across Tripoli

Our relationship with our customers does not end with purchase, as our company in Libya is unique in providing guarantees with after-sales services such as maintenance and spare parts for our customers.


•Building a long-term strategic relationship with our customers by understanding their needs and tastes

•Access to excellence for all our products in terms of elegant design.

•Providing high international quality in all our products.

•Satisfying all tastes by providing products with a wide variety of designs, colors and prices, while maintaining high quality.

•Bringing our products to the door of your home or company and making sure that all our products are installed correctly as the customer wants without any added cost inside Tripoli now.

•Attention to our customers by providing after-sales services.

•Expansion to provide our services within all cities of Libya.


Upgrading the level of all services by understanding the needs of our customers for home and office furniture with high-quality products with smart choices and modern designs while raising the means of communication with all our former and future customers


  • Importing office furniture
  • Importing home furniture
  • Wholesale sale of home and office furniture
  • Branches to display all available products in an elegant manner
  • Delivery of products to customers with installation and warranty.
  • Providing after-sales services such as consulting and maintenance


1- Office Furniture Department:
From the first day of the establishment of our company, we set our eyes on paying attention to the smallest details in this field of diversity in suppliers such as Italy, Turkey, Malaysia and China, while forming excellent relationships with them to ensure quality at a competitive price, and we also took special care of all our customers to provide their needs with a wide range of prices and Designs, which contributed to the establishment of long-term relationships with them.

2- HouseHold Furniture Department:
After paying attention to the quality and diversity of our products in terms of source and designs, we were interested in providing a large number of showrooms spread in the city of Tripoli with a distribution that is easy for them to reach, taking into account the presentation of the products in an elegant manner and the provision of specialists for any consultations in this field.

Our customers

Here are some of our clients that we are proud to work with


  • Malaysia
  • China
  • Türkiye
  • Spain